Minx Nails

"Minx Extends the Fashion to you Fingertips"

Minx™ is a  heat activated nail art foil that can completely transform your finger nails and toenails! Minx is the lates nail craze!

Minx nail foils are heat activated and last up to 10 days on finger nails and up to 6 weeks on toe nails!

Easy on and even easier off- you can do it yourself!

I stock several fantastic designs but if there is a design you particulary like and I don't have it in stock just let me know! I am happy to order it for your appointment (50% deposit required)

Minx Nails

Minx Finger Nails/ Toe Nails FULL SET 50 mins £25.00
Minx 1 Finger/Toe (can be combined with Shellac for a unique & fashionable Manicure/Pedicure) 15 mins £3.00
Minx Removal 30 mins £10.00
Design FX Nails/Toes 1 hour £22.00